Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 290- Is This Cheating?

I have a friend who recently shared about her dad. He grew up Catholic, but now attends a Protestant church with his wife. My friend has expressed that she is not sure if he is saved. He is very intimidating and his demeanor comes across as a no nonsense intense individual. How did I attempt to witness to him today? I shared the gospel with a Christian. I do this often at family gatherings. If I want to share the gospel with someone yet I suspect that they will rip my head off, I will find a Christian in the room and tell them about one of my recent encounters. I speak loudly where everyone can hear and I have found that my target most likely is listening. As I have practiced this unconventional option, I have found that there are three reactions. One, they will move to another room where they do not have to listen. Two, they will sit quietly while they disagree that there is only one way to heaven. Three, they will begin to participate in the conversation. My friend's dad chose option two. He listened for awhile and then he walked away.

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