Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 291- Gospel Pill

I was reading a book the other day that talked about those who simply administer gospel pills. The author described gospel pills as a hit and run approach. I began to wonder if I was guilty of prescribing a quick fix only to never be seen again. The answer is, yes, I am guilty. There are days where I have placed little effort in soul winning. Days where I have not prayed for the lost, sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit, nor trusted in the Sovereignty of God. That is sin and I confess. However, witnessing as a way of life will provide countless opportunities that seem like a drive by shooting. It is not a gospel pill when you only have two minutes to share the message of life, and you may never see the individual again, if you have labored for the lost. You are sowing a seed. I gave a tract to a man today at a drive thru window and that was all that I was able to do. He talked so much that I was unable to share with him the gospel of Jesus Christ. Was leaving a tract like leaving a gospel pill? No! I had been praying for this opportunity all day, sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit all day, and trusting that the Lord will illuminate the truth.

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