Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 306- Divorce Court

Outside of the courthouse today, I saw a man that looked like a lawyer. He was well dressed, young, and confident. History has shown that they will normally refuse a tract but today I decided to give it a shot. Just as expected, he said no thank you. I asked, "Do you have court today?" He replied, "Yes, my wife and I are battling for custody of my son. It's sad, but when the parents can't get along, the eight year old is the one that suffers. Divorce is ugly." I was surprised that he was willing to share so much so I inquired further, "Knowing what you know now, would you have stayed married?" Quickly he replied, "Yes, definitely. It is expensive, painful, and never ending. My mom died when I was eleven. She died and it was final. When you get a divorce the misery lingers. It hurt when I lost my son, it was agony when she remarried, and now I watch as my eight year old pays the price of two people who constantly fight." I asked, "Where is God during this time?" shifting the conversation. He told me that he believed that God has always been with him, but would not elaborate. When I shared the gospel with Tommy, I thought that he would probably find a way to escape, but instead he had questions. Not about God, but about marriage. He asked, "How long have you been married?" I told him and he said, "How have you stayed together so long?" I replied, "When two become one, half of you must go." He nodded and said, "Half of me didn't go anywhere." To get back on track, I reminded Tommy that God doesn't want half. He spits out the lukewarm. You are either hot or cold.

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