Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 308- What is Your Testimony?

Dana and I like to wake up bright and early on Sunday mornings to get the kids ready for church. Once they have been dressed and fed, we normally leave our house about ten minutes later than we had hoped. However, on the days that we are on time, we almost always pass a man and his wife walking to church. With their Bibles in hand, they will give us a nice Christian smile and a friendly wave. I finally had an opportunity to speak with the husband today while Caden and I were on a walk. Mr. Kirk was working in his garage. Once he saw us coming, he made his way toward the street for a friendly chat. I like to chat but my greater concern was where Mr. Kirk would spend eternity. I knew that he attended the church on the corner so to turn things to spiritual matters, I asked how long he had been going to his church. Now that the conversation had shifted to the things of God, I wanted to know his beliefs. How do you do that without seeming awkward? Ask him about his testimony. Believers will be eager to share with you how they came to know the Lord. Nonbelievers or the religious would be bothered by such a question. Mr. Kirk spoke through a smile as he shared about his Methodist upbringing and how his wife was raised Lutheran. He said that he and his wife began attending a Southern Baptist Church and his beliefs began to change. His testimony appeared to be more church-centered so I inquired a little further. "At any point in your church experience were you convicted of your sin?" "Yes, and I still am daily," he replied. "What relevance does Jesus have in your life today?" "He is my Savior," Mr. Kirk responded. Our friendly chat turned into fellowship between two believers. Apparently my neighbor does much more with his Bible than just carry it to church. He reads it too!

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