Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 310- Where Are Your Parents?

I was driving by a middle school today when I had flashbacks of my life as a high school teacher. I used to work very late hours as a wrestling coach. School ended around three o'clock daily yet at 6 pm I would see at least 50 students still waiting on their ride in the parking lot! Where are their parents? The same thought entered my mind when this middle school parking lot was filled with students loitering about with nothing to do except get in trouble. I rolled down the window of my car and pulled up to shouts of profanity and gossip which is what I heard daily as a public school teacher. They had no fear of the stranger that had just pulled up and actually seemed quite inquisitive about my presence. I gave one young man a handful of tracts and asked him to pass them out to his friends. As he turned to distribute the tracts I left as quickly as I arrived. I have learned that these same parents who will leave their children in a parking lot for hours will not stand for them talking to strangers, so I let the tracts do the talking.

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