Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 311- I Don’t Need Religion

Today, I met Bill. Bill was a former member of the reorganized Latter Day Saints, but today he tells me that he doesn't need religion. I told him that I agreed and that I do not need religion as well, but the opportunity to tell Bill what everyone needs (Christ) did not come up in the conversation. Do you know why? Bill was a master at controlling the conversation. My objective was to share the gospel, but Bill's objective was to voice his opinion until he had reached his car. I walked alongside him listening to him tell me how crooked today's politicians are and how preachers are just money hungry thieves. He insisted that those are the people that need to be saved, not him. He said, "They have a one way ticket to Hell! I'm going to be just fine." I thought that all of the listening would mean that Bill would pay me the same respect, but I was wrong. He had accomplished his goal. Unload his personal opinions on the poor evangelist and then get out of Dodge.

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