Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 312- Flu Season

During flu season, the Powell family will desperately try to avoid this virus. We realize that if one of us is infected, the whole family can be in danger. We have a ritual where everyone is to wash their hands once we have returned home because we know that we could have picked up a virus while we were out. I thought about that today as I handed a tract to a cashier. She didn't want to talk, but she did take a tract. She has been infected and she doesn't even realize it. A virus is so small that it is impossible to see with the naked eye, yet its effect on a person can be deadly. A gospel tract can seem rather harmless to hardened hearts, but little do they realize that the message that it contains has its consequences. Believe and be saved or spend eternity in hell. Do not discredit the power of a gospel tract. Once inoculated, it will completely transform the life of that individual. Not only will it transform lives, but it is highly contagious. The gospel will spread to others because infected believers desire to share their faith. Remember that next time you hand out a simple tract. You are a contagious Christian.

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