Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 324- Making Disciples

Two years ago I shared the gospel with a couple, Nick and Amber, while I was passing out tracts on a street corner. They responded to the good news and now sit next to me in church every Sunday. I meet regularly with Nick and discipleship is now my primary focus. I have spent a considerable amount of time teaching Nick the truths of Scripture, but tonight was different. Nick needed to see these truths lived out, so tonight I took him out witnessing. I shared with him how to hand out a tract, what are the major objections to the faith, and reminisced of the day we first met on the very same streets. Nick and I witnessed to a man who grew up in church. He could communicate the gospel but was not reading his Bible regularly. I encouraged him to get into the Word while Nick stood beside me listening. Many have had instruction in evangelism but few have seen it demonstrated. Part of discipleship is demonstrating to others the very truths that you are teaching. Modeling the life of a disciple is perhaps the most powerful method of teaching.

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