Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 325- Blog Witnessing

People are blogging about everything these days. Through a search engine, I found blogs dedicated to atheist moms, evolutionists against creation, dads who worship their lazy boys (I made that up), and agnostics who rant about anything. Fortunately, you can leave a comment on many of these sites and today I chose to leave a comment for an agnostic. This agnostic wrote about how evolution clearly explains everything that exists in this world and that if there was a creator, he sure messed things up. Sickness and disease was explained away by random purposeless mutations, and Christians were bashed for praying to a god that does not exist. All I had to do was click on the "leave a comment" button and I was clarifying many of his misconceptions and highlighting the good news of Jesus Christ. Try that today as you scroll down your blog roll, or better yet, share with someone who signed up as a follower. My wife has followers that are not believers. All you have to do is "leave a comment."

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