Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 326- Be Thankful

On Sundays after church, the Powell family arrives home way after the kids' bedtime. If you have kids, then you are aware that getting them to bed is like going to the dentist. They will always find a way to procrastinate or stall the inevitable. We eat early on Sunday nights so a legitimate excuse to stay up is the old "I'm hungry" routine. There is no greater joy than preparing a meal for kids that should be in bed (sarcasm), but I recently found a quick fix. On our way home is a fast food restaurant that serves roast beef sandwiches at a dollar a piece. This will normally fill the kids up and it almost always provides Dad an opportunity to share the gospel. I could tell by this cashier's attitude and smile that he may be a believer and, as expected, he was. Five bucks is a small price to pay for fellowship. Sometimes money is no object when it comes to getting the kids to bed.

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