Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 327- One Simple Question

One simple question can open the door to the gospel this Thanksgiving week. What are you thankful for this year? I asked this question to a stranger named Will today and he told me that he was most thankful for his mother. He shared how she has allowed him to move in with her as he searches for a job, and he expressed a tremendous amount of gratitude for her constant support through troubled times. He gave examples of his troubles such as when he struggled financially in college and when he lacked guidance in his life. This was a complete stranger sharing his most intimate details in life after asking one simple question! Imagine yourself sitting next to your cousin who does not know the Lord or perhaps your atheist Uncle at dinner this week. Even better, what if you see your non-believing neighbor as you are on your way to a family gathering where everyone is a believer? Ask them what they are thankful for this year. Once they reply, chances are they will ask you the same question. Here is a short list of possible answers that will turn things towards the gospel.

  • The cross.
  • The blood.
  • His grace.
  • His sacrifice.

Of course we could include so much more, but let's be intentional this week. Start praying for an opportunity today.

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