Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 328- I Was Wrong

A typical man struggles with five little words that he should share with his wife often. I'm sorry, I was wrong. For me, it is hard to say that to anyone. I say this because I owe all of my readers an apology. I was wrong. There are some elderly in this world that will listen when trying to speak the truth in love. I know this because it happened today. Nelly is eighty years old and has raised six kids. She describes herself as a hard shell Baptist. Nelly didn't find it funny when I asked, "What is the opposite of a hard shell Baptist, a soft shell crab?" It's not uncommon to not find me funny, but my first impression was that Nelly was going to tell me to get lost. Instead, she asked me a question, "I used to talk with God every night. I would tell him about what was on my mind, but he would never take my worry away. I finally started praying in the mornings because I got to where I couldn't sleep. Why didn't he help me when I would talk to him at night?" I replied, "Do you read your Bible?" She said, "I have read the Bible plenty of times, but I don't read it much anymore." Only the Lord could prepare an eighty year old heart to listen to a thirty-two year old nobody who said, "Nelly, perhaps you should do less talking and more reading." As I spoke more with Nelly, it became clear that she did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Perhaps when she spends more time reading His word she will grow to rest in Him.

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