Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 329- Walking Away

I was at the grocery store today when I asked a young grocery store clerk, James, if he believed in life after death. He commented that when he died he would become dirt. James said, "I don't believe in God or any religion. I will be buried worm food." I told James that the Bible says that he will be judged and then asked him if he had ever told a lie. He said that he had and I informed him that his one lie is enough to deserve hell. James shrugged his shoulders as if it wasn't any concern of his so I said good bye and continued shopping. It is hard to walk away, but it appeared that James' heart was not ready for the good news. Several minutes had passed as I was in the frozen food section trying to determine how many cups are in a pint. To my surprise I heard a voice over my right shoulder that said, "I just don't believe in a blind faith." It was James! I agreed with James and told him that my faith was not blind. I shared the gospel with him and spent several minutes answering many of his questions dealing with the Bible. It turns out that James' heart was prepared after all.

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