Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 347- Closing Time

What is more important: a kitchen faucet or the gospel? This is an easy question but it crossed my mind today as I was at Lowe's making a purchase. I desperately wanted to turn things toward the things of God, but I truly needed information about a kitchen faucet. What if I offend and suddenly find myself alone trying to find a faucet that is not compatible with my sink? Dana was prepared to kill me if I didn't come home with a new faucet. My head was spinning as the announcement over the intercom answered the question for me, "Dear valued customers, Lowe's is now closed. Please make your way toward the exit and finish all last minute purchases." The sales clerk gave me my faucet with all of the directions that I needed, and I gave him a tract before the lights went out.

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