Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 346- An Informed Universalist

Take a look at the phone numbers in your cell phone. For me, reviewing my numbers is like going down memory lane. I did that today and recognized an individual who I know does not know the Lord. It had been several years since I had spoken with him so I gave him a call. Unfortunately, my friend no longer used this number. I apologized for interrupting the individual who now had the number, but then realized that he was an opportunity as well. I began to inquire about this man's spiritual beliefs and it turns out that he is a Universalist. I wondered if he was an informed Universalist so I asked, "Do you call yourself a Christian?" He did not. I thanked him for not using that term because a Universalist is not a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I then asked, "Why do you go to church?" He informed me that he didn't call his congregation a church. I responded, "That makes me very happy, because if Jesus is not the head, you are definitely not the body." For my final question I asked, "Do you know the gospel?" He did and he was firm in His rejection of many of the foundations of the faith. We never argued through the conversation. It was just two people stating their beliefs and whole heartedly disagreeing with topics that have eternal consequences.

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