Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 360- Words of Encouragement

My agenda today: purchase a few items, find an employee to help me make my purchase, then witness to them. That is being intentional. Get up in the morning, read the Scriptures, pray for an opportunity, and look. That is another example of being intentional. There is so much joy in intentionally looking for opportunities to share the good news. For example, today I met Casey. He is a believer who is about to go into the military. I was in the military and I had the privilege of providing some wisdom for him as he enters into a very interesting time in his life. I encouraged him to stay in the word and shared with him a brief testimony of my life as a believer in the military. It was a true joy, but it never would have happened unless I was intentional. An example of an unintentional life: get up, skim over a few verses, think about your busy schedule, and then wish that you would have said something to the clerk that has a pentagram tattooed on his forehead. Trust me, I have my days, but the opportunities that I have had this year have been a true blessing.

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