Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 361- Lesson Learned

I know that witnessing in a suit is not a good idea, but today I had no choice. I needed a few items at Target before church today and I will not pass up an opportunity to witness to a cashier. To lighten things up a bit, I tried to put a smile on his face, "I guess I was wrong, but it was my understanding that there would be a church service in aisle 12 this morning?" He smiled so I continued, "How do you get to church while you are working this Sunday?" He replied, "I am a Jehovah's Witness. We can worship pretty late on Sundays." I reached into my pocket and handed him a gospel tract. He took the tract. Do you know what that tells me? He hasn't been so indoctrinated that he buys in completely to this cult. JW's will not accept literature. Try to hand them something the next time you go to the door and watch to see how fast they throw it away. You learn a lot about other religions when you attempt to share the good news. Don't be intimidated by cults. If you don't know what they believe, ask them. Keep learning until the Lord brings someone like this man down your path.

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