Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 363- God, Family, Core

I shared with two marines today. One was in uniform and the other was in his civilian clothes. Both said that they are not allowed to talk about the things of God in uniform. I personally like that rule because I didn't start a conversation to hear them talk. I wanted them to listen as I shared the good news. They listened as they stood at ease. Their fresh hair cuts and their limited amount of ribbons was a clear indication that boot camp was very recent. As I shared, I noticed that they didn't have to say a thing to communicate what was on their minds. They were going to war in May and both of them had a lot on their minds. One shared with me about a book that he was reading about God and the other would only nod in agreement as I shared about the sacrificial death of Christ. They were not in a hurry to get away and proved to be great listeners. Once I called them to attention, I told them they were dismissedJ

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