Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 364- Good Times

If you are wondering if witnessing gets any easier after 364 days of encounters, the answer is yes. I believe the Lord has taught me this year to trust more in His Holy Spirit, and has reassured me that it really has nothing to do with me. It is the Lord that provides the opportunities, it is the Lord who brings conviction, and it is His Word that pierces spirit and soul. Not only is that true, but His divine power has given us all things according to life and godliness. What a joy it is to know this and experience these truths every day this year. The grocery store clerk who helped me with my purchase today did not have time to visit. She did take a tract. There is still tremendous joy in simply handing out tracts. The Lord placed me in her life according to his timing, and by His power, I sought to obey the great commission. It has been a great year!

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