Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 35- Soon to be Married

While waiting in line at the grocery store today, I overheard the clerk greeting a young couple walking inside. He asked the young couple how they knew each other and she replied, "This is my fiance." A few more minutes passed when I found the young couple waiting in line behind me.

Me: Excuse me, did I hear that you guys are about to be married?
Women: Yes.
Me: Are you going to be married in a church or at the courthouse?
Women: Church.
Me: Which one?
Women: We're not sure.
Me: Do you have a church background?
Women: Yes, I am Baptist and he is Catholic.
Me: Really, that's interesting.
Man: I think religion is good for everyone. As long as everyone has a religion, I believe we will all be okay.
Me: Actually, it's what you are trusting in that really matters. You and I have sinned and fallen short of God's standard. If we have lied, stolen, taken his name in vain, we will be in big trouble. However, if we are trusting in Jesus who lived the perfect life that we cannot live we will be saved.
Man and women: (nodding in agreement)

I sometimes wish that they would cry out to God right in front of me, but it rarely happens. I do look forward to possibly seeing this young couple in heaven one day.

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