Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 37- Three Hard-Livin' Dudes

As I approached a stop sign today, I noticed three men that looked very rough. In fact, when I rolled down my window I had second thoughts on whether or not to witness to them. Thoughts of getting robbed or car jacked rolled through my mind as I showed them three gospel tracts. None of the three men had church backgrounds and one commented that the last time he approached a church they would not let him in. I told him where I attended and stressed that he would be welcomed at Tulsa Bible Church. He also mentioned that as I pulled up, they were just talking about the things of God. As I shared the gospel, I noticed that the older of the three listened to every word I said. All three indicated that they did not own a Bible so I offered them one of mine. Two declined, but the older one who did the most listening, Harold, said he would take one. When I finally drove through the stop sign, it was quite clear that Harold had a lot to think about tonight.

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