Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 38- Coffee Shop

Dana and I went out for coffee today and found ourselves talking to an employee for an extended period of time. This young lady was very friendly and both Dana and I commented how pleasant it was to chat with her. To shift from the natural to the spiritual I asked, "You are about as friendly as a Christian. Do you have a church background?" This young lady kept a smile the entire time we talked to her until this point. Suddenly, the smile dimmed when she informed us that she grew up Christian. I then asked her if she was still a Christian and she replied, "No." My response, "Don't you worry about life after death? What happened?" At this point, the pleasant conversation that we once had was now in the distant past. The sweet young lady that we met while taking our order then replies, "I am at work and I don't think that it would be appropriate to have this conversation." I agreed and left her with a tract.
It's interesting how sometimes the hard-livin' dudes seem more receptive than a sweet young lady who grew up in church.

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