Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 44- The Courthouse

On a day off from work, some people like to get out and enjoy the weather and possibly participate in various hobbies. I enjoy warning others of the judgement to come. This morning I got up early and went to the courthouse to pass out tracts and to witness. At the courthouse, I approached a group of five women who were there for misdemeanor violations. When approaching groups, it is very important that you control the situation. If you allow an antagonist to get a foot hold, then the group will eat you alive. As I began to share with this group an antagonist attempted to take over but soon realized that I was going to keep smiling and sharing so she gave up and walked away. When she walked away, she took another three women with her. I then noticed that two had stayed and were quite interested in what I had to say. I had a great conversation with the two ladies while the other three waited in the van that was to transport them to their community service destination.

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