Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 45- The Art Museum

Today Dana and I took the kids to an art museum. It was quite hectic, but when the kids made their way to the gift shop I took advantage of the opportunity. There was a man in a wheelchair sitting behind the front desk.

Me: Hi, Does someone have to truly love art to work here?
Man: I suppose so. I know that I do.
Me: If the most expensive painting here was found in a pool with a human being, neither one being able to swim, which would you save first?
Man: That's interesting. The painting.
Me: Really? You would save the painting over human life?
Man: I guess it depends on who the person is. I know some people that I would rather not save.
Me: Do you have a church background?
Man: Yes.
Me: What do you think the Bible says about human life?
Man: I imagine the Bible would suggest that I save the person.

At this point, several people began walking in and this gentleman became very busy. Obviously, if I had time I would have introduced Christ, the one who saved me.

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