Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 46- The Emergency Room

Mia had to be at church tonight at 5:30 to sing at 6:00. I informed Dana that after I dropped Mia off, I would stop by the emergency room at St. Francis to do some witnessing. I have witnessed in emergency rooms multiple times, so Dana was not surprised. The only objection that she had was me being late to Mia's performance. I arrived in the emergency room at 5:37 and met a lady named Sally. Sally woke up this morning and found her husband unconscious and not responding. She had just been informed that she would be at the hospital overnight. I began witnessing to Sally and found that she was a believer. I gave her a pocket Bible that she could read while she stayed at the hospital, and the best part was I got the opportunity to pray with Sally. Sally and I prayed for her husband and afterwards it was clear that she enjoyed our time together. I arrived back at the church at 5:59 filled with joy. I love being an instrument in the hands of the Redeemer.

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