Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 81- Listening and Learning

When I go on a trip, the directions will usually be sitting right next to me. I know where I am going so when street signs and exits approach, I simply stick to my directions and disregard all other distractions. This is a lot like witnessing. At times, one can be tempted to veer off the road, especially when witnessing to different religions or perhaps someone with an interesting lifestyle choice. Stick to the map. Your destination is to address their conscience (the Ten Commandments), which will bring conviction, and then reveal the Savior. Your trip begins when you relate to their situation and then create a spiritual conversation.
At the mall today, I struck up a conversation with an older man who is Hindu. Since he is Hindu, I could have panicked and addressed his vegetarian lifestyle or perhaps reincarnation. Instead I listened to him talk about his beliefs. That is fine with me. I looked at it as a good opportunity to learn. We talked about how he worships in the States, and how he believes that having money fixes all of his problems. Although getting off on a rabbit trail would have been easy, I decided to continue to my destination. After relating to him, I tried to create a spiritual conversation by asking if he was familiar with the God of the Bible. He quickly told me that he was satisfied with his own religion and he did not care to discuss Christianity. He stuck out his hand and wished me a good day. It happened so quick that I forgot to leave him with a tract. I'm looking forward to my next encounter with a Hindu. This man helped me consider a lot about what a Hindu is thinking when living in the States.

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