Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 82- I'm into Witchcraft

Today I had an appointment I did not want. After work I went to a classroom that a substitute teacher had occupied all day. My plan was to witness to the substitute, but things did not go as planned. Inside the room was the teacher that had called in sick. She is in my department and I have purposely stayed away from her. Her lifestyle is anything but Christian and she is has an antagonist personality that will frighten anyone. After a brief second of small talk, she commented that she respected that I am willing to leave my country for a greater cause (she knows that I am quitting to become a missionary). She talked about how missionaries do a great job making the world a better place. I told her that I am not going to France for a social cause, it has to do with the gospel. She told me that she admires all religions and thinks that ultimately all religions are about being good people. I asked her which religions she has chosen and she informed me that she is into witchcraft. I don't know a lot about witchcraft, but as she got into specifics, it was clear that she was not a true witch. When I informed her of this, she agreed. She mentioned that she used to be an episcopalian but the church has so many hypocrites that she no longer believed in organized religion. Most of the time when I approach people that complain about hypocrites in the church I ask,"What is the gospel message that you learned during your time in church?" Ninety-nine percent of the time, their answer is wrong. She did not understand the I filled her in. She did not repent, nor was there an argument, and I thank God for that. She now knows the gospel and I have nine more weeks to continue to plant seeds. I had planned on witnessing to her on my last day of work to avoid any long term confrontation, but as I have learned, it is not about me and all about Him.

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