Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 83- Just Thinking

Every encounter makes me think a great deal. When I go out late at night to pass out tracts, I often find it difficult to sleep because I replay every encounter in my mind. Even the simplest of encounters creates deep thoughts. On my way home from work today, I passed many bus stops. At almost every stop was a female waiting for the bus. I will not witness to females by myself, so I kept driving. I made it home feeling a bit discouraged that I was unable to find someone to share. As I was heading to the door of my home, an evening walker came strolling by. He did not look like an ordinary walker. He was wearing jeans and his pace was rather slow so slow I was able to meet him at the entrance of my driveway. "Sir, here is something to read while you are on your walk (handing him a tract)." He thanked me but never broke his slow stride. As I went into the house, I began to meditate on the encounter. Why didn't he stop, Lord? Where did he come from? It happend so fast. Was he a Christian? Will he read the tract? My finite mind cannot truly grasp the big picture. I do believe that something much bigger than a simple tract was handed out today. It was the message of life, and if he read the tract and is without Christ, he now has a decision to make. If he is a believer, I hope that he was encouraged. Either way, Holy Spirit draw him near.

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