Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 234- Biblical Names

My family and I were eating at a restaurant when our server introduced himself.

Waiter: Hi guys, I'm Jacob and I will be your server tonight.
Me: That's a Biblical name!
Waiter: Yep, he was known as a liar. What would you like to drink?

He returned with our drinks and I asked if he went to church. He had recently moved to the area because of school and mentioned that he has been looking for a church the last few weeks. I told him where I was attending and he gave me a generic nod. I could tell that he wasn't listening so before I left I asked, "Jacob, what time did I say church begins tomorrow?" He gave me a nervous, "Ummm. Did you say nine?" I reminded him where I was attending and what time it began. Knowing Biblical names is a very easy way to shift from the natural to the spiritual. I once met a Dorcas. Did you know that was Biblical? It's an especially easy transition when you run into a Methuselah or a Jehosophat, too!

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