Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 235- Phone a Buddhist

I wasn't feeling very well this evening so I decided to google "Phone a Buddhist." I found a number to a Buddhist temple in Seattle. A man answered who was willing to answer some of my questions.

Me: Sir, what is the difference between Buddhism and Christianity?
Man: (He was Vietnamese with very limited English) Christianity and Buddhism go in different directions. Buddhists believe in the teachings of Buddha.
Me: What happens to a Buddhist if they have ever lied or stolen?
Man: Buddhists do not lie or steal. Buddhists do good things.
Me: What happens to a Buddhist when they die?
Man: They go to a good place. If someone does bad things, they will go to hell (I believe he used this term because of his limited English).
Me: To a Buddhist, who is Jesus?
Man: That is difficult to explain. I believe in Jesus.
Me: Do you know what Christians believe about Jesus?
Man: No, I have not learned this.
Me: Jesus says that everyone has done bad things and that no one is good. Jesus died for bad people. He is the only way to God.
Man: Maybe He is right? I don't know.
Me: Do you read the Bible?
Man: Yes, it is a good book.
Me: It is the Word of God. If you read it, you will know that He is right.

Even when you are not feeling well, a false religion is just a phone call away.

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