Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 237- Hard of Hearing

While out in my yard today, I noticed a young talented skater grinding a few curbs with his board (I sound so hip!). My kids were with me so I asked, "Who wants to go witnessing?" Three hands popped up and I loaded them in our favorite red wagon. We prayed for our young skateboarder and soon went after him. I don't think that he saw us, but I did notice that he kept skating farther and farther away as we approached. Finally, I began to yell at him to get his attention. "Hey!! Skater!! You're not in trouble. Come here!" He didn't even look our way. I was confused, my kids were confused, and so was one of my neighbors who walked to his driveway trying to determine why I was yelling at the poor guy. A bit embarrassed, I looked at my neighbor and said, "Well, I wanted to give this to the kid, but I guess you can have it." I handed him a gospel tract. I was now several blocks away from home but I used this opportunity to share with my kids. "Kids, sometimes we think we know what God wants from us. However, as we start heading in that direction, we find out that He had a different plan. Let's pray for our neighbor."

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