Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 354- Sneaky but Effective

My family and I were have lunch today when a guy at the table next to us decided to choke on his food. He was turning blue as many of his friends circled around him. My kids got a front row seat to a man performing the Heimlich. As I was leaving the restaurant, I saw the man sitting outside recovering. I wondered if it was appropriate to share how fleeting life can be and the urgency of getting right with God. To get to him I would have to squeak threw the force field of people still wondering if he was okay. Realizing that may be impossible, I grabbed a gospel tract and attempted to witness to one of the onlookers. I said, "Sir. I believe you dropped this (handing him the tract)." He grabbed the tract, placed it in his pocket, and thanked me without even looking at me. Apparently, he was still rattled by what he had just witnessed. This story sounds a little insensitive, but the reality is that none of us can promise our next breath. It's were we will spend eternity that matters.

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